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Ten experts offer essays outlining the current biological warfare threat, focusing on terrorism and the state of U. Edited by Michael W.

Ritz, Ralph G. Hensley, Jr. A series of ten essays discusses a variety of issues of homeland security, from Colombian narco-terrorism to the effectiveness of first responders on the home front, in an effort to provide a thematic framework for future research. National Space Policy. By Dale L. The author argues that a multinational, diplomatic approach to space issues offers the most security for the U.

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By Michael E. Washington: Brookings Institution Press, The author argues it is in the United States's best strategic interest to maintain its current superiority by resisting the temptation to put more weapons in space. Together they interweave words and music, to tell his haunting tale of survival against the odds, set against the background of the Holocaust. Adapted and directed by Simon Reade. The enormity of the crime that the Nazis committed is just too overwhelming for us to comprehend. In their attempt to wipe out an entire race they caused the death of six million people, most of them Jews.

It is when you hear the stories of the individuals who lived through it — Anne Frank, Primo Levi — that you can begin to understand the horror just a little better, and to understand the evil that caused it. I learned some time ago that in many of the camps the Nazis selected Jewish prisoners and forced them to play in orchestras; for the musicians it was simply a way to survive. In order to calm the new arrivals at the camps, they were made to serenade them as they were lined up and marched off, many to the gas chambers.

Often they played Mozart. This was the genesis of my story, this and the sight of a small boy in a square by the Accademia Bridge in Venice, sitting one night, in his pyjamas on his tricycle, listening to a busker. He sat totally enthralled by the music that seemed to him, and to me, to be heavenly. The adventurer launches his thriller, in which his hero is sent deep into the Amazon jungle on the hunt for a WW2 secret. He talks to Clemency Burton-Hill. He believed he could split the Allies by driving all the way to Antwerp, then force the Canadians and the British out of the war.

Although his generals were doubtful of success, younger officers and NCOs were desperate to believe that their homes and families could be saved from the vengeful Red Army approaching from the east. Many were exultant at the prospect of striking back. The Ardennes offensive, with more than a million men involved, became the greatest battle of the war in western Europe. American troops, taken by surprise, found themselves fighting two panzer armies. Belgian civilians fled, justifiably afraid of German revenge. Panic spread even to Paris. While many American soldiers fled or surrendered, others held on heroically, creating breakwaters that slowed the German advance.

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The harsh winter conditions and the savagery of the battle became comparable to the eastern front. And after massacres by the Waffen-SS, even American generals approved when their men shot down surrendering Germans. The Ardennes was the battle that finally broke the back of the Wehrmacht.

Waterloo was the climactic showdown between the military giants of the age, Napoleon and Wellington, who faced each other for the first and only time across the sodden rolling Belgian farmland south of Brussels on the morning of Sunday 18 June Their book, The Battle of Waterloo Experience , provides what no other book on the battle contains — removable facsimiles of historic archival documents. Cover by Billy Tucci and Phyllis Novin.

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