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But, guess what?

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This is the number one factor we consider when predicting the success of a group that we sign to our label. It makes all the difference. In our experience, large churches, schools, and independent artists with a solid following and active promotion efforts typically sell between and CDs; large groups with strong followings can sell 1,; small groups with less of a following would be safer to hang around the quantity.

Annual sales above 1, are rare for indie artists. Take what you think you will sell between now and the release of your next album and add to that. That's how many you should make. Your manufacturer will emphasize lower per-disc costs at higher quantities. But there are other considerations. If you record songs that other people wrote, you will need mechanical licensing. Was it a struggle to release your album? Was there a lot of back and forth with your producer, designer, manufacturer?

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Well, all that goes away with a reorder. It's basically one phone call to your manufacturer and that's it. Reordering your licensing is simple too - only one click or one phone call. So remember that reordering is an option. Quality is an issue when deciding quantities. However, we're tacking this onto the end of this article because the truth is, modern manufacturing allows you to get beautiful, retail-quality CDs at any quantity. Orders of or more will be replicated.

Replication is the process of manufacturing CDs or DVDs with a glass master that presses a data impression onto the disc. Replicated discs also typically have a screen-printed CD face. When you look at the bottom of a replicated disc, it looks mostly silver. You have to struggle to see a faint line of silver where the pressed data meets the blank space on the disc. Orders under will be duplicated. Duplication is the process of manufacturing CDs or DVDs with a laser that burns data onto the disc like on your home computer.

Duplicated discs typically have a ink-based or thermal printed CD face that looks slightly less refined than the screen-printed face of a replicated disc. When you look at the bottom of a duplicated disc, it has a clearly visible break in color where the burned data meets the blank space on the disc. The differences between replicated and duplicated CDs are minimal.

You can add your barcode too if you wish, though this is less important.

Få din Musik på spellistor.

It makes sense to add CD Text including each track name and copyright information too. Once your CD master is complete, burn and test it first on as many players as possible, then create 4 or 5 DVD-R data backups complete with your multitrack session files. You may wish to do this once you have your CD artwork complete so you have a complete and definitive backup of the finished product. In order to receive royalties from radio plays and live performance of your songs you need to register with the appropriate agency in your territory.

You will need short MP3 preview edits for the retail page of your website. I use high quality Kbps, I usually choose a verse and chorus so the files are generally seconds long. Your digital distributor may give you the option of submitting the previews you have prepared for them to use. This is a good idea because it gives you control over the quality and edits. Additionally I choose to give away 2 tracks as free downloads. I use the same encoding settings for these.

It is likely that you will need some photography for your press release, CD artwork and web site. You will almost certainly need some portraits of the performer you?

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I think these used to be called "promo shots". Whatever you do, think carefully about how you want to represent yourself and how the images will enhance the message of your product. If you can't be beautiful, be original. You will need to supply them with images, text and an idea of the design. If you want to do it yourself, there's plenty of help here. You will need to have hi-quality flattened image versions of at least the front cover of your CD, and perhaps portraits and other images to use on printed press releases, retail web sites, your web site, and perhaps for T-shirts and posters etc.

Again dpi is best for print, you can down sample images to 72dpi for web use. When you know when your CDs will be delivered, you can set a release date of weeks later. You will need this lead-up time to ensure press and broadcast media get your press release and white label CDs well before the release date.

How to Release an Album: The 10 Step Music Distribution Checklist

You will want to synchronise this with the release date. At the very least you enjoy yourself by playing your music to family and friends. This can be a good fun thing to do and imparts even the most modest projects with a sense of occasion.

7 Steps To Self-Producing An Album

Whenever someone puts your CD into their computer it is likely that the computer will try to retrieve and track and artist details. Launch iTunes, insert a copy of your finished production master, iTunes will ask you if you want to submit the details and follow the prompts. You will need a short snappy sentence that describes your album. I found this very difficult! I finally settled on No doubt you can do better, but try to avoid cliched lines like " Don't big up your own music but don't sound apologetic or modest either.

Write something descriptive that doesn't attempt to elevate the music's worth. That's for others to do. You may also have the opportunity to submit extra information about the artist you? Try to find something interesting that enhances and complements the albums "message". You may need 2 versions of this. One longer version for your own web site and online retailers, and one for press releases.

The press release version should be short and contain only interesting facts that a reviewer or broadcaster could use. See 25 for mine. Check that your distributor allows flexible pricing and then make some pricing decisions for physical CDs, album downloads, individual track downloads, and bulk buyer discounts. You may want to undercut your distributor with a lower price for customers who buy direct from your website. Don't charge too little or customers may think your music has no value. Don't charge too much, you don't want to put them off. TuneCore takes my worries away when it comes to collecting revenue and keeping track of many different digital platforms.

There are so many music services out there, but TuneCore owns the throne.

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