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International Journal of Tourism Research, 8 2. Kim, Samuel Seongseop , and Prideaux, Bruce Marketing implications arising from a comparative study of international pleasure tourist motivations and other travel-related characteristics of visitors to Korea. Tourism Management, 26 3.

Wine Tourism Destination Management and Marketing

Tourism Geographies, 14 4. In: Sheldon, Pauline J. Social Entrepreneurship and Tourism: philosophy and practice. Tourism on the Verge. Springer, Cham, Switzerland, pp.

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The Future of Food Tourism: foodies, experiences, exclusivity, visions and political capital. Aspects of Tourism, Moscardo, Gianna , Murphy, Laurie , Hughes, Karen , and Benckendorff, Pierre Shopping on the edge: identifying factors contributing to tourist retail development in heritage villages. Morakabati, Yeganeh , Fletcher, John , and Prideaux, Bruce Tourism development in a difficult environment: a study of consumer attitudes, travel risk perceptions and the termination of demand. Tourism Economics, 18 5. Moscardo, Gianna The shaping of tourist experience: the importance of stories and themes.

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In: Buhalis, Dimitrios , and Costa, Carlos , eds.

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    Radomskaya, Valeriya Popular culture as a powerful destination marketing tool: an Australian study. Rodrigues, Cristina Bittar Backpacker tourism in the Brazilian Amazon: opportunities and challenges. Rose, Janelle , and Winter, Caroline The role of food tourism in developing an emerging Queensland wine tourism region: an exploratory study.

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    Destination Africa: Sao Tome and Principe

    Every tourist destination represents as an integral tourism product. Yet, at the same time, it is also a complex social system, sometimes called a destination system. Its complexity derives from the multitude of elements that participate to make it work.

    These elements can be grouped into three basic subsystems: consumers tourists , producers tourism supply providers and state and other organizations and institutions. A destination system is confined by the scope of a specific spatial unit, whose boundaries are determined by tourism demand, regardless of administrative borders. The Master Plan of tourism development of the Istria County provides for the formation and operation of the rural areas of inland Istria as a special cluster relative to the other six coastal tourism clusters. This paper explores the level of implementation of the function of planning and organizing in the rural Istria cluster, which can be seen as a specific tourism mezzo-destination, to avoid repeating the earlier mistakes of mass tourism development in coastal areas..

    Botti, L. In this paper we assess and compare tourism destinations in terms of their performance.

    Theory and Cases

    This methodology is here explained as easiest as possible and it is applied to the evaluation of the twenty-two French regions. The motivation for the analysis lies in the fact that these destinations have to or will have to face a decrease in their competitiveness. Then, the aim of the paper is to start a reflection on the performance of the 22 French regions; for that, its only objective is to measure the efficiency of these destinations. Indeed, knowing what the best practices are is good news for Destination Management Organizations and tourism institutions in the perspective of a benchmarking procedure.

    The paper still tries to explain the scores.. The purpose of this article is to discuss the visual rhetoric of advertising in the marketing of destinations and place branding. In particular, it considers the ways in which advertisements create and reinforce meanings.