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Inhomogeneous spherical configurations of inflated membranes

Beyond Numeracy Bite-sized essays on fractals, game-theory, countability, convergence and much more. It is a sequel to his equally entertaining, but less technical, Numeracy. Each left hand page has a largely non-mathematical description of one of the great results in mathematics and each right hand page has a relevant illustration.

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There is just enough mathematical detail to allow you to understand the result and pursue it if you fancy it , via google. The book is beautifully produced. It is recommended as preparation for any undergraduate mathematics course, even for students who do not plan to take the Sixth Term Examination Paper STEP- the examination normally used as a basis for conditional offers to Cambridge. They are more like the sort of problems that you encounter in a university mathematics course, although they are based on the syllabuses of school mathematics.

Working through one or both of these booklets would be an excellent way of getting your mathematics up to speed again after the summer break. You must also see the associated BBC Horizon documentary if you get the chance. Logical Labyrinths This book is a fun and engaging collection of logical puzzles, combined with a rigorous mathematical introduction to logic.

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The carefully graded and entertaining progression leads you to the more formal logical reasoning through a journey that is always challenging enough but manageable and rewarding. Topics discussed include solving the quintic, colouring, knots, infinitesimals, computability and chaos. In the preface, it is guaranteed that the very least you will get from the book is the understanding that mathematical research is not just a matter of inventing new numbers; what you will in fact get is an idea of what real mathematics is. Stewart, Ian Game, Set and Math Stewart is one of the best current writers of mathematics recreational or otherwise.

This collection which includes a calculation which shows why you need only be marginally the better player to win a tennis match whence the title was originally written in French: some of the puns seem to have suffered in translation, but the joie de vivre shines through. Penguin, Excellent writing again but, unlike the chaos books mentioned below, no colour pictures. The title is a quotation from Einstein, who believed probably incorrectly that the answer was no; he thought that theories of physics should be deterministic, unlike quantum mechanics which is probabilistic.

There are easy problems as well as hard problems and good insights throughout. The problems are mainly geometric and algebraic, including number theory no calculus. The numbers are listed in order of magnitude with historical and mathematical information. It is an upper bound for a quantity in Ramsey theory whose actual value is believed to be about 6. A book for the bathroom to be dipped into at leisure. Before we start, let me get one thing out of the way — you will only get so far without showing your working.

Nevertheless, even a seasoned Maths student needs some calculator skills from time to time. As Will Davies rightly pointed out on my earlier post: I use it for time, but this button is actually to convert angles into degrees, minutes and seconds ie fractions of degrees — 60ths and ths.

This is not just one for the Further Mathematicians. Now type some algebra that you have manipulated and press equals. This works for all kinds of Identities up to A Level:. Want to change from recurring decimals to fractions? The latest casios will do this for you above the x squared , but remember you need to know the method! Start by proving this to amaze your friends….

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See below:. Revise Maths by doing some questions.

Where can you find questions? Usernames and passwords are available from your teacher. You can browse these worksheets by topic.

Which brings me to…. You should have a good idea of your areas of weakness — focus your efforts on these questions. Mistakes on past papers and tests are gold dust — go back over these and see if you can improve your solutions. I would recommend:. There are key facts that you need to know for each exam — make a condensed version of these facts on a side of A4.

Practise with the equipment you plan to have on the day of your exam. The same goes for your calculator — your calculator is your friend! Once you are feeling confident to try a whole past paper, try to do it against the clock. Doing the paper in short bursts may lend a false sense of security! You need to know how much you know under pressure.

Abbott, Edwin A. This is another great collection, from easier ones to some that will leave you stumped, through quite enough variety to please all tastes, and to give an introduction to all the main areas of mathematics while you have fun making your way through it. Lots of practice problems, and hints and solutions to most puzzles. Debunk some popular myths, and improve your chances of winning at games! Very readable, clear and practical.

A good introduction.


Bollobas, B ed. Thoroughly recommended. Bondi, C ed. New Applications of Mathematics Twelve chapters by different authors, starting with functions and ending with supercomputers. There is material here which many readers will already understand, but treated from a novel point of view, and plenty of less familiar but still very understandable material.

The baking metaphors may seem a little forced at times, but on the whole work well.

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This book gives a compelling and immediate introduction to some of the most amazing mathematicians of our time, not just through a glimpse of their brilliant mathematical work, but also of their experience as fathers, daughters, husbands, wives… Each portrait is personal and in the voice of the mathematicians themselves. You will find out what inspired them to pursue maths, and no doubt be inspired yourself to participate in the joy of mathematical discovery.

This book is most welcome, although most of its content will probably need to be mediated to the young reader by a teacher of some kind. I hope parents, teachers and pupils will find the work as stimulating as I did. It only takes a moment and you'll get access to more news, plus courses, jobs and teaching resources tailored to you. Edited by Michael Sewell. Oxford University Press pound; Log in or register for FREE to continue reading. Latest stories.

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