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Electric car brand Karma is set to bring its new model to Europe, taking on Tesla to become the leader in luxury electric vehicles. The Revero GT is the latest Karma design and a revamp of the model, after the Southern California-based manufacturer wrapped up production of its previous model last month. The first cars will roll off the production line ready for delivery in the final three months of the year.

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Its new design cuts 0. The twin three-cylinder electric motors deliver horsepower and kg-ft of torque. Read more Tokyo partner Toyota commits to providing green cars. So committed is the brand to becoming a leader in luxury electronic cars that it has hired former Tesla executive, Rogier Kroymans, to coordinate the launch of the Revero in Europe.

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New features include three different drive modes, which the driver is able to select from the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. We believe this is the optimal solution for the luxury markets of today. Ford has said it's coming in and started talking about range - with miles expected. There's also talk that Ford is going to be targetting the mass market, so it shouldn't be too expensive.

Porsche has announced that the Macan is going to move to be pure electric - meaning that Porsche will have an electric SUV. Not a lot else is being said at the moment, but the shifting of the Macan to electric shows real diversification of the Porsche portfolio. It is expected to go into production in BMW recently took the wraps off its Concept iX3 all-electric SUV, with images revealing what we can expect the final production model to look like when it launches in It also gets a fifth-generation electric motor, specially designed for BMW's Sports Activity Vehicles, which produces hp and up to miles on a single charge based on the WLTP cycle.

BMW has also said it will support kW fast charging, meaning the battery can be fully topped up in just 30 minutes. The iX3 is a clear sign of BMW reacting to an ever-expanding market, but it's odd that it's taking the company so long to get the must-have SUV-body style with an electric powertrain to market, given that the i3 has been on sale since BMW is adamant that the iNext will be launching in The iNext is concept car in looks - we're not sure the proposed open passenger cabin is realistic - but very serious in terms of technology. The level 3 and beyond the autonomous driving system that this car claims to offer is in development, while the battery technology is too.

Whether we get a car that looks like this remains to be seen - it would sit somewhere between the X7 and X7 in terms of size - but you can expect the iNext Concept to evolve into a car. As BMW says, the technology for autonomous driving will be reading in , regardless of whether the legislation is. BMW confirmed at the Geneva Motor Show that it will introduce an i4 in the early part of the next decade and with the BMW Concept 4 shown at IAA , there was confirmation that the BMW i4 would be launching in and that there would be a range of power options to cover a wide range of customer demands.

It previews a mid-sized saloon car, in the BMW i range that's likely to be called i5 when it launches in It's bigger than the company's 3-Series saloon, but smaller than a 5-Series and designed to sit between the i3 and i8 in the electric BMW i range. Let's hope it arrives with the same futuristic design displayed on the concept version.

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A huge question mark hangs over the striking FF It should have been launched in - after all, this car debuted at CES in early and the company opened order books for those wishing to place a deposit. But since then, Faraday has been threatened with bankruptcy , shed plenty of its workforce and work has stopped at its factory. Still, we hope the company makes it. The FF has a huge inch wheelbase, but that makes for a huge interior. The panoramic sunroof, rear, and side windows use Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Glass, which passengers can tap on to tint the windows and let less light in.

Don't expect to get a conventional rear-view mirror inside, as Faraday Future has replaced it with a widescreen monitor instead. It's used to show live footage from a camera on the rear of the car, along with cameras on the sides, so you can see everything around you. Another thing to be thrown out is key. Instead, you use your phone to unlock the car, or if you don't have it with you, your face becomes your key. The FF can individually recognise each user and will automatically adjust the seat position, climate control, entertainment preferences and driving routes based on your tastes.

The 1,bhp electric power unit will accelerate to 60mph in 2. Faraday Future says the battery can be completely recharged in 1 hour.

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It will be Fisker's rival to a Tesla Model S , not just in power, but in price too. Porsche unveiled its second all-electric car - behind the Taycan - at the Geneva Motor Show It can't quite match the Model S's Ludicrous Mode mph of 2. One of the Mission E Cross Turismo's biggest selling points though is its recharge time. Porsche says you will be able to get 62 miles out of the Mission E Cross Turismo, from just a 4-minute charge, faster than boiling a pot of spaghetti. The total range from a full battery is expected to match the Taycan's miles.

Rimac, the Croatian hypercar manufacturer, has announced a follow-up model the Concept One - which Richard Hammond famously crashed - and it looks set to be one of the fastest cars on the planet. It has a claimed mph time of 1. Rimac says the bhp car will go on to a top speed of mph and can recharge to 80 per cent in 30 minutes.

It will go into production later this year and will be limited to a car run. Skoda has an electric SUV of its own in the works. Called the Vision E for now, the concept car is to be one of five new electric cars from Skoda to be on the roads by It's therefore likely to have a mile driving range and a top speed of mph. Skoda hasn't revealed a mph time just yet, but it will have a bhp power unit, with all of those horses being available on demand.

Two motors, one on each axle, work in unison to deliver power where it's needed to provide maximum grip and stability. Clever tech features include being able to automatically find itself a parking space and park, and drive-by itself in traffic jams or on motorways.

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Skoda suggests that, when the Vision E arrives in the early s, you won't need to plug it in, as there'll be inductive charging floor panel that can be fitted in your garage, but if you don't have space to put in the floor panel, a quick charge plug-in cable will get it back up to 80 per cent in 30 minutes. A customer-ready version of the i Vision Dynamics could be in showrooms as early as , explaining our spy photos of a prototype on a transporter. But unlike the e-Tron, Byton is targeting a more accessible price, and believes it can generate the scale to draw comparisons to the Tesla Model 3.

Ford says it'll be launching an all-new EV but it's calling it the Mach 1. The issue? However, there's a twist; the Mach 1 EV will actually draw styling cues from Ford's most popular muscle car. Expect a muscular and the same lights you'll see on the Mustang, but all pinned on what's likely to be an Explorer or SUV body.


2021 Electric Vehicles: The Future Generation of EVs

The concept car that wowed the crowds at the Frankfurt motor show is back, now as a prototype which previews the production electric car, which will go on sale before the end of Nissan's upmarket premium wing Infiniti has pledged to launch electrified cars by This new EV concept car above is pointer to what you can expect. And we're hearing that's exactly where the new, pure EV XJ is headed. The sister car to the Hyundai Kona Electric, the new e-Niro is the final part of the Niro's triptych of powertrain options - the fully electric version of the popular small crossover.

It keeps a decent boot despite the batteries stuffed under the floor and best of all is the mile range quoted for the e-Niro, thanks to a chunky 64kWh battery. Brits won't be offered the more affordable and less rangey 39kWh battery option. While the Soul EV has sold a modest models a year in the UK, the importer has high hopes for this more practical model.

First deliveries start in this year. Read more about the Kia e-Niro. The oddball Soul is back later this year as an electric car only in the UK. It packs a 64kWh battery pack and is compatible with CCS fast-chargers - and you still get that funky Soul style that's made this tallboy so distinctive over the years.

Read more about the Kia Soul EV. Lotus has confirmed the reveal date for its 'mind-blowing' new all-electric hypercar, the Type ; set a calendar reminder for 16 July. Hethel has also confirmed that just examples of the new car will be built, with deliveries starting in Roughly the size of the GLC crossover, the EQC is packed with tech and its 80kWh lithium ion battery is claimed to be good for a mile range.

Read our first impressions here. Along with the combustion engine versions, an all-electric handily named e will be available.