PDF Novell GroupWise 6.5 Users Handbook

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Understanding the GroupWise Information Store. Working with GroupWise Objects.

Novell Groupwise 6.5 user's handbook

Using GroupWise System Operations. GroupWise Utilities and Diagnostics. Configuring the Post Office Agent.

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Configuring the Message Transfer Agent. Administering the GroupWise Client. Moving Users.

Novell GroupWise User's Handbook by Shawn Rogers

Administering Multiple GroupWise Systems. Internet Addressing. Maintaining the GroupWise System.

Troubleshooting Message Flow. Moving Domains and Post Offices. Troubleshooting the GroupWise Directory.

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  3. Preparation is key when installing GroupWise 6.5.
  4. Troubleshooting GroupWise. Is Spam Really a Problem? Restoring Deleted Users. Choose a destination folder, you might want to change it to Program Folder but default will work as well. Click NEXT to continue.


    I would always recommend to install your own language and the English language. If you get strange error codes you have more luck in the Novell Knowledge base using the English error message then any localized error message. Now comes the network part.

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    The Groupwise client will try to find a Groupwise Postoffice. This will most likely not succeed and you will get a message like this:. Change the settings according to this picture, you can choose any path you like but I recommend using a local path. Also remember or write down this path for later usage. You cannot change the username, just enter the password of this user, it is the user which you are logged into the PC.

    Novell GroupWise 6.5 Administrator's Guide

    Might be different for Windows 9x versions. You might get an add modem wizard or dialing properties wizard.

    #HowTo Add Users to GroupWise Messenger 18

    Just enter the parameters as required. The final action for proper standalone usage is the startup parameter. Because of the build in need for a Groupwise postoffice, every time when you launch the Groupwise Client it will search for a Groupwise Postoffice but it will fail and you will have to select the remote location manually.

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