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Hilda Kunnola, harppu Jean Sibelius: Humoreskit nro 1 d-molli op. El piano en la Escuela de Nadia Boulanger. Preludios de abril, Op. Zabaleta p. Christian Zacharias dubblerar som dirigent och solist i Mozarts Pianokonsert nr. Musikalisk ledning: Magnus Kjellson, claviorganum. Solist och dirigent: Christian Zacharias. Hans Abrahamsen: Lieder, opus 2. Hans Abrahamsen: Klaverkoncert Barbara Hannigan, sopran. Manuel Esperilla, klaver. Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen. Efter koncerten desuden: Hans Abrahamsen: Schnee Ensemble Recherche.

Voor hun concert in de Handelsbeurs brachten ze ook altviolist Dana Zemtsov en cellist Gideon den Herder mee, om voltallig te zijn voor Tsjaikovsky's strijksextet Souvenir de Florence. Een zonnig programma, ingeleid door Nicole Van Opstal. Herr, wenn ich nur dich habeVox Luminis o. Realizator Octavia Galescu.

Dirijor Miguel Angel Gomez Martinez. Solist pianistul Barry Douglas. Ludwig van Beethoven - Uvertura op.

Is it just Mozart's music that makes you become smarter?

Johannes Brahms - Cvintetele nr. Mozart - Vioolsonate nr.

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Allegro ma non troppo - Scherzo: Allegro vivace. There is nothing quite like an NYO concert. The power and passion of the world's greatest orchestra of teenagers is unleashed in a programme which unashamedly crosses borders from Cuba and Mexico to New York. Sara Afonso S. Carolina Figueiredo MS. Rita Tavares CA. Marco Alves dos Santos T. Coro Gulbenkian. Allegro for Violin and Piano in G Major fragment Allegro for String Quartet in E Minor fragment Allegro for String Quartet in G Minor fragment Allegro for String Quintet in Es-dur Allegro fragment sonata for Piano in C Major.

Allegro B-Dur Allegro in F Major for Piano Fragment sonata Allegro molto for clavier in C Major ? Andante in C major Andante in B Flat Major for Harpsichord Andante for Mechanical Organ F-dur Andante for String Quintet in D Major fragment Andante for piano duet Andantino after Gluck Handel Arrangement ode G. Arrangement oratorio by G. Mens sancta Deo, aria for soprano, clarinet and orchestra. Mens sancta Deo, aria for Soprano, Bassoon and Orchestra. Salve Regina, aria for soprano, clarinet and orchestra.


Les petits riens - Music to the Ballet-Pantomime Ballet Intermezzo fragment KVc Anh. KVdeest Anh.

Variations for Wind Sextet in F Major. Variations for Clarinet and Orchestra in F-dur. Gavotte for orchestra B-dur Divertimento for 3 basset horns No. Divertimento for wind octet in E flat major. Divertimento for wind sextet in B flat major. Divertimento for Wind Octet in F Major.

Divertimento in Es-dur for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons and 2 French horns. Divertimento for string quartet in F-dur Divertimento for string quartet in D-dur Divertimento for string quartet in B-dur Divertimento for String Trio in Es-Dur Divertimento for Strings in D Major fragment Divertimento No. KV 43a Anh. Duo for Violin and Viola B-dur Duo for Violin and Viola G-dur Gigue for Piano in C Minor.

Canon Alleluia Ave Maria, canon Canon for 4 voices in C Major Canon for 4 voices in B Flat Major Canon for 4 clarinets in F Major. Canon in A-dur for 4 or 5 voices or Canon for String Trio in C-dur Capriccio for Piano in C-dur Cassation for wind quartet in E flat major. Cassation No. Dite almeno, in che mancai, for four voices and orchestra Quartet for Oboe and Strings F-dur Clarinet Quartet in E flat major.

Quartet for flute and strings No. Quintet for horn and strings Es-dur Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in A-dur Quintet for Flute and Strings in D major. Quintet for Piano and Winds in B flat major unfinished Gallimathias musicum Quodlibet Klavierschtuck in F-dur B-dur. Nun liebes Weibchen Contredanse for Orchestra in D Major Contredanse in B-dur Contredanse for Orchestra in B Flat Major fragment Concerto for two lire organizzata with orchestra in F Major.

Concerto for Horn and Orchestra in Es-dur Unfinished Concerto for Horn and Orchestra No. Concerto for horn and orchestra No. Oboe Concerto in F Major Unfinished, Clarinet Concerto in A-dur Clarinet Concerto in Es-dur.

DENON/PCM DENON. digital recordings GENERAL CATALOGUE 1980/81

Concerto for Violin, Piano and Orchestra in D-dur Violin Concerto No. Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in C Major lost, reconstruction Bassoon Concerto in B-dur Bassoon Concerto in B-dur. Concerto for Flute and Orchestra No. Sinfonia Concertante in Es-dur for oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon with orchestra KVe Anh. Sinfonia concertante after KV in B flat major.

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Concertone for Two Violins and Orchestra in C-dur Short Mass Missa brevis G-dur Missa brevis in G-dur Missa brevis in D-dur Mass for choir and organ in C major ? Missa Brevis in F Major fragment Short Mass Missa brevis d-moll Short Mass Missa brevis B-dur Short Mass Missa brevis F-dur Largetto and Allegro for two pianos fragment, completed by Robert Levin. Eine kleine Gigue for piano in G-dur Kleiner Trauermarsch for Piano in c-moll March for Wind Octet in B-dur fragment ?

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  6. March D-dur March in D-dur March C-dur March for orchestra in C major March for Orchestra in D Major March in D major incipit, fragment March F-dur Maurerische Trauermusik Replevit me amaritudinibus Maurerische Trauermusik Minuet D-dur Minuet for clavier in F Major Minuet in F major Minuet F-dur Minuet for Orchestra in Es Minuet for Orchestra in G Major. Minuet for String Quartet in C Major fragment Minuet in F for strings Minuet for Piano in D-dur Minuet in D Major for Piano Fragment ?

    Minuet C-dur Mass C-dur Mass after Cosi fan tutte in C major. Miserere in C minor Venti, fulgura, procellae, motet for soprano and orchestra. Semiramis fragments? Musical joke for 2 horns and strings Luci care, luci belle Operas overture. Psalm In te Domine speravi fragment Salve Regina, Offertory for choir, organ and orchestra ? Partita for Wind Quintet in F Major. Parthita for winds in E flat major Presto for piano in G major fragment.

    Keyboard piece in G Major fragment ? Klaviershtuck in F-dur Orchestral piece in G Sharp Minor fragment.

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    Piece for Piano in E Flat Major fragment. Pieces for Harpsichord Requiem in d-moll Bardengesang auf Gibraltar: O Calpe! Romance in A flat major. Rondo for two pianos in B Flat Major fragment sonata Rondo Es-dur Rondo for Horn and Orchestra Rondo for Clarinet and String Trio in Es-dur fragment Rondo for violin and orchestra B-dur Rondo for Violin and Orchestra C-dur Rondo for Flute and Orchestra in D-dur. Rondo for Piano in D-dur Rondo for Piano in a-moll Rondo for Piano and Orchestra D-dur Rondo for Piano and Orchestra A-dur Rondo for piano in B flat major.

    Rondo F-dur Rondo for Piano in F Major fragment sonata Rondo for Piano in F Major fragment Serenade in D-dur Serenade D-dur Serenade No. Serenade in D major Symphony No. KV 19b Anh. Symphony D-dur Symphony in C major. Symphony in D major Symphony F-dur KV 19a Anh. KV 17 C