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I 've copied the email:- Hi ya sue I 'm so very sorry I 'm such a stupid idiot. What is supposed to happen is: Phil arrives at airport and meeting grinning idiot Barrister Don Barrister Don bashes Phil on the head. It exposes ' American Idiot ' as nothing more than the third-rate version of ' Suspect Device ' that it is. NOTE: Whoever likes to use trackball mice compared to optical mice has to be an idiot. Whether you're spring cleaning or simply looking for good environmentally-friendly cleaning practices, Mary Findley, author of The Complete Idiot 's Guide to Green Cleaning, can help.

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He was crawling on the ground in the center of the road trying to be stealthful, but he's only managing to look like an idiot. Children who display savant syndrome have traditionally been referred to as idiot , retarded, or autistic savants. The negative connotations of the term " idiot " have led to the disuse of idiot savant. Complete Idiot 's Guide to Online Dating and Relating - This book contains basic information as you would expect from the title.

Avoid the obvious - As in the "Looks like rain! Eventually it became evident that the label was largely incorrect because the word idiot was used in scientific communities to reference people with an IQ of 20 or lower. In the 19th century, savants were called idiot savants because the French terms idiot meant unlearned and savant meant skill. In the 20th century, the term idiot also became offensive and was eventually replaced by the general term savant, or in cases of autism, autistic savant.

Patricia Kirkman. Dean Stiglitz. Jeanette Hurt. Alan Philips. Michael Miller. Betsy Rippentrop. Benjamin Blech. Alan Christianson.

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Popular Features. New Releases. Safflower oil, high oleic Carthamus Tinctorius High oleic safflower oil contains vitamin E tocopherols, essential fatty acids oleic, palmitic, and linoleic. It also contains lecithin and carotenoids. It helps moisturize dry skin and hair, so try it in creams, lotions, hair conditioners, and balms. This would be a great addition to all your body products.

If you dont have the high oleic type of safflower oil, be sure to add rosemary oleo resin to extend its shelf life. It is also said that this oil used in your diet will help get rid of belly fat.

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Sal butter Shorea Robusta Sal butter contains fatty acids oleic, palmitic, linoleic, and stearic. It softens and moisturizes skin and promotes healing from sun and wind damage. Try it in stick balms, lotions, body butters, and soaps. Sal butter is very stable and wont go rancid quickly.

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Sesame seed oil Sesamum Indicum Sesame seed oil contains vitamins A and E, plus several essential proteins. It is antibacterial, antioxidant, and antifungal. It helps heal dry skin, psoriasis, dry scalp, dandruff, skin fungi, athletes foot, acne, mild scrapes and cuts, and diaper irritation. Try it in facial washes, shower gels, lotions, creams, salves, balms, conditioners, and massage oils. Sesame seed oil is resistant to clouding at low temperatures. Shea butter Butyrospermum Parkii Shea butter contains vitamins A, E, and F and is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

It helps with dry skin, burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, and stretch marks. Try it in lotions, creams, body butters, shaving creams, lip products, and soaps. It has a shelf life of 1 or 2 years but will last longer if refrigerated. It can also be frozen.

Shea butter is easily absorbed into the skin and does not clog pores. It can help protect against the suns UV rays. Shea butter can be used in just about all bath and body products. It can take 20 to 30 hours to extract just 2 pounds of shea butter! It has anti-aging properties and helps with fine lines and dry skin. Try it in creams, lotions, salves, balms, and body butters. Strawberry oil is easily absorbed into the skin and has a light, pleasant fragrance. Sunflower oil, high oleic Helianthus Annuus High oleic sunflower oil contains vitamins A, D, and E as well as essential fatty acids.

It soothes and moisturizes skin and wont clog pores.


Try it in creams, lotions, baby products, balms, and soaps. This is our favorite oil for infusing herbs. Tamanu oil Calophyllum Inophyllum Tamanu oil is antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. It contains essential fatty acids oleic, palmitic, linoleic, and stearic. Its healing properties help with skin ulcers, rashes, boils, cuts, sores, acne, scars, ringworm, athletes foot, diabetic sores, diaper rash, insect bites, and psoriasis.

Try in salves and balms, and even by itself. Tucuma butter Astrocaryum Tucuma Tucuma butter is an antioxidant. It contains vitamin A and essential fatty acids omega-3, -6, and Try it in creams, lotions, body butters, conditioners, masks, hair care products, and lip products.

It has a shelf life of 2 years from its production date. Turkey red oil Sulfated Ricinus Communis Turkey red oil, which gets its name from its red color, contains triglycerides and fatty acids. Its the same as castor oil except it hasnt been refined. Add this oil to your bath oils and bath bombs.

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This is the only oil that will completely disperse in water. That means that when used in bath products, the oil will combine with the water in the tub and wont leave an oily residue or ring in the bathtub. Ucuuba butter Virola Sebifera L.

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Ucuuba butter, which is so dark it looks black, contains essential fatty acids. It repels insects and helps with dry skin. Try it in black soap, balms, and lotions. Walnut oil Juglans Regia Walnut oil has great anti-aging properties. It helps soothe and moisturize skin, is good for mature skin, and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. Try it in anti-aging products, those for mature skin, lip balms, eye creams, and lotions.