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Why, why , why? It is way past time for the legalization of cannabis. This is another in a long line of study's that will be ignored by the powers that be. The fact it is racist is just a bonus for these power mad thugs.

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It demonstrates the current futility in the drug classification and policing in the US perfectly. The US Department of Health and Human Services holds a patent, , on the medical applications of cannabinoids as anti-oxidants. This contradicts the substance's Schedule I listing. The problem is that the billions it would generate won't be going into the same hands and thusly it shan't be made legal.

Know your rights. For almost years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Speak Freely. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Print. View comments Read the Terms of Use. Kindly allow us to forgo the next level of your sycophantic prohibition-engendered mayhem.

Hundreds of Economists: Marijuana Prohibition Costs Billions, Legalization Would Earn Billions

April 27, AM. Kevin Jeffery Miron has been studying this issue for a long time and he is right. Legalize it! April 27, PM. Paul from Illinois The real reason has nothing to do with drugs. April 29, PM. Funderburg 9 The entertainment industries also experienced a loss in revenue. Movie theatres although expected to increase revenues found themselves losing them, from a result of not being able to sell alcohol.

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The money brought in through night life also saw a dramatic loss. Many bars had to shut down due to the fact their business was now considered illegal.

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Night clubs and dance halls which heavily depended on alcohol sales found themselves losing customers and revenue. A new window of opportunity opened up during the prohibition that would cost the U. Significantly, the illegal production and sales of alcohol. Since it was not allowed to be produced and sold on the legal market Many Americans began to bootleg or smuggle alcohol throughout the States. Alcohol was now being produced and sold illegally and untaxed by various groups across the country.

With the illegal mass production of alcohol they would need a place to sell their product, and it was not hard to find a buyer.

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  • There were multiple underground clubs that would purchase this illegal alcohol and sell it to its patrons, Many of these establishments had to operate secretly and be kept hidden from the police. There would soon be thousands of speakeasies that would pop up across the country. Since these establishments participated illegal sales of alcohol none of the transactions for alcohol were being taxed by the government which caused an even larger loss in revenues.

    The prohibition department in Washington presented that the amount of arrests made after the first six months of prohibition increased by 25 percent Edge 70 many saw this time as an opportunity to start their own business and make fast cash in the process. Crime syndicates also saw this as a golden opportunity and saw the power in being an alcohol producer and distributor. It was characterized by an increased production of beverages with high alcohol content because it is more difficult to smuggle alcoholic beverages such as beer with a low level of alcohol.

    Rather than reducing the availability of alcoholic beverages, they found places to sell alcoholic beverages 10 times more than before the prohibition period. The table below explains, following the prohibition, people tend to consume spirits beverages with high alcohol content. Warburton explained that the relative price of spirits to beer should be The ratio of the actual price estimate during the prohibition period was The price and the relative costs of spirits to beer dropped after the prohibition period, this caused the increased of relative consumption of spirits during the prohibition period.

    Sumber: Thornton. Source: Thornton. Secondly, although the prohibition of consumption of alcoholic beverages aims to improve public health standards and lower the crime rate, but this prohibition could have the opposite effect.

    Iron law of prohibition

    The growing black market will increase the supply of adulterated alcoholic beverages. A report from CIPS Indonesia explained, in just a few weeks there were 26 people on the Java Island died from drinking adulterated alcoholic beverages. This has been going on a lot with the current policy, where alcoholic beverages may only be purchased in cafes, hotels, and restaurants where the price is higher. A report from CNN explained that the selling price of alcoholic beverages in Indonesia is the highest in the world, with an import duty of percent, beverages that cost 1 million per bottle could become 2.

    Not to mention other taxes such as tax on sales, it can increase the sale price further. M Marx Thornton The Economics of Prohibition explained when the demand for goods falls, the demand will shift to the closest substitutes.

    People who are looking for a lower price will look for substitutes, such as adulterated alcoholic beverages. Research conducted by Cato Institute also found that during the prohibition period, adulterated alcoholic beverages appeared at the markets beverages with no clear standards , such as Moonshine that is dangerous and could kill consumers because these drinks contain alcohol for industrial use. If we look at the crime rate statistics in the United States, during the prohibition of alcoholic beverages, the crime rate was increasing.

    In addition, during the prohibition period, crimes in the United States were even more organized. The homicide rate in the United States from to explained that the prohibition did not lower the rising trend of criminality. Sociologist John Pandiani and Theodore Ferdinand said that after the end of prohibition period the homicide rate was mysteriously decreased.

    Homicide Rate in the United States : 19 Thirdly, the prohibition of alcohol consumption could make tourists become reluctant to come to Indonesia. This could result in less potential for employment in the tourism sector and will result in a decrease of economic growth, especially for areas that rely on tourism as its major revenue such as Bali.